“Is digital health overfunded? Is digital health the future of healthcare? Will digital health help improve patient behavior & outcomes? Can digital hea—”

Here are some charts & screenshots I’ve held on my laptop for the better part of the coronavirus pandemic, non-ironically composed of relevant data in digital health juxtaposed to macroeconomic trends & monetary policy that seem to have insights to offer.

With some light commentary by me.

"Is Digital Health.."


With an unprecedented funds moving into digital health, lofty SPAC valuations, & hiring frenzies, its understandable that people ask the aforementioned questions. However when thinking of if digital health is in a bubble—


A 3.6 trillion dollar industry that has only been funded around ~80 billion within the last decade doesn't seem too bad for a market that has been historically underfunded, not accounting for 30% waste in annual spend. However there have been questions around the concentration of funding, with people started to question whether telemedicine based startups will maintain viability once coronavirus ends:


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